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Reimbursement For Medical Travel Expenses (M02)

An IE may request reimbursement from an IC for travel expenses incurred for medical treatment for the IE's compensable injury when:

  1. medical treatment for the compensable injury is not reasonably available within 30 miles from where the IW lives; and
  2. the distance traveled to secure medical treatment is greater than 30 miles one-way.

28 TAC Section 134.110(a).

The IE must submit a DWC Form-048, Request for Travel Reimbursement to the IC within one year of the date the expenses were incurred. 28 TAC Section 134.110(b). The request must include documentation or evidence (such as itemized receipts) of the amount of the expense. 28 TAC Section 134.110(c). Reimbursement is based on the travel rate for state employees on the date of travel. 28 TAC Section 134.110(d). See 28 TAC Section 134.110(d) for the methods used in measuring travel mileage. When an IE's travel expenses reasonably include food and lodging, the IC reimburses actual expenses not to exceed the current rate for state employees on the date the expense is incurred. 28 TAC Section 134.110(d). Reimbursement for travel expenses, including food and lodging, is only available to the IE. APD 060440-s (please note that although this APD was decided under prior Section 134.6, concerning dates of travel prior to May 2, 2006, which is the effective date of 28 TAC Section 134.110, the new section on travel reimbursement also does not provide for reimbursement of travel expenses for anyone other than the IE).

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