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City of Arlington v. Nadig
June 20, 1997
960 S.W.2d 641
Texas Supreme Court
Published Opinion

City of Arlington v. Nadig

Supreme Court of Texas.

CITY OF ARLINGTON, Texas, Relator,


Claudia NADIG, Administrator, Subsequent Injury Fund, Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, and Todd K. Brown, Executive Director, Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, Respondents.

No. 97–0212.


June 20, 1997.

Attorneys & Firms

*641 Don W. King, Jr., Arlington, for Relator.

Todd K. Brown, Claudia Nadig, Joseph A. Pitner, Austin, for Respondents.



The City of Arlington sought judicial review of a Texas Workers’ Compensation *642 Commission (“TWCC”) decision awarding disability benefits to one of the City’s workers. The trial court reversed the TWCC Appeals Panel’s decision and held that the City was entitled to reimbursement from the TWCC Subsequent Injury Fund pursuant to TEX. LAB.CODE § 410.205. Following the TWCC’s refusal to reimburse the City, the City proceeded directly to this Court and moved for leave to file a petition for writ of mandamus against both the TWCC executive director and the Subsequent Injury Fund administrator.

The City urges that this Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the TWCC executive director because the director is an officer of an executive department of the government of this state. 144 Tex. 378, 190 S.W.2d 805 (1945). We likewise conclude that we do not have exclusive mandamus jurisdiction over the TWCC executive director or over the Subsequent Injury Fund administrator. Because these officials are subject to mandamus in the district court, we will not grant leave to file the initial writ of mandamus in this Court. TEX. CONST. art. V, § 8. The motion for leave is overruled without prejudice to the City’s right to seek mandamus relief in a lower court.

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