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Incentives; Performance-Based Oversight

§ 402.075

Incentives; Performance-Based Oversight

(a) The commissioner by rule shall adopt requirements that:

(1) provide incentives for overall compliance in the workers' compensation system of this state; and

(2) emphasize performance-based oversight linked to regulatory outcomes.

(b) The commissioner shall develop key regulatory goals to be used in assessing the performance of insurance carriers and health care providers. The goals adopted under this subsection must align with the general regulatory goals of the division under this subtitle, such as improving workplace safety and return-to-work outcomes, in addition to goals that support timely payment of benefits and increased communication.

(c) At least biennially, the division shall assess the performance of insurance carriers and health care providers in meeting the key regulatory goals. The division shall examine overall compliance records and dispute resolution and complaint resolution practices to identify insurance carriers and health care providers who adversely impact the workers' compensation system and who may require enhanced regulatory oversight. The division shall conduct the assessment through analysis of data maintained by the division and through self-reporting by insurance carriers and health care providers.

(d) Based on the performance assessment, the division shall develop regulatory tiers that distinguish among insurance carriers and health care providers who are poor performers, who generally are average performers, and who are consistently high performers. The division shall focus its regulatory oversight on insurance carriers and health care providers identified as poor performers.

(e) The commissioner by rule shall develop incentives within each tier under Subsection (d) that promote greater overall compliance and performance. The regulatory incentives may include modified penalties, self-audits, or flexibility based on performance.

(f) The division shall:

(1) ensure that high-performing entities are publicly recognized; and

(2) allow those entities to use that designation as a marketing tool.

(g) In conjunction with the division's accident prevention services under Subchapter E, Chapter 411, the division shall conduct audits of accident prevention services offered by insurance carriers based on the comprehensive risk assessment. The division shall periodically review those services, but may provide incentives for less regulation of carriers based on performance.

Added by Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 265 (H.B. 7), § 2.018, eff. September 1, 2005.

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