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Maintenance Of List Of Approved Doctors; Sanctions And Privileges Relating To Health Care

§ 408.0231

Maintenance Of List Of Approved Doctors; Sanctions And Privileges Relating To Health Care

(a) The commissioner shall delete from the list of approved doctors a doctor:

(1) who fails to register with the division as provided by this chapter and commissioner rules;

(2) who is deceased;

(3) whose license to practice in this state is revoked, suspended, or not renewed by the appropriate licensing authority; or

(4) who requests to be removed from the list.

(b) The commissioner by rule shall establish criteria for:

(1) deleting or suspending a doctor from the list of approved doctors;

(2) imposing sanctions on a doctor or an insurance carrier as provided by this section;

(3) monitoring of utilization review agents, as provided by a memorandum of understanding between the division and the Texas Department of Insurance; and

(4) authorizing increased or reduced utilization review and preauthorization controls on a doctor.

(c) Rules adopted under Subsection (b) are in addition to, and do not affect, the rules adopted under Section 415.023(b). The criteria for deleting a doctor from the list or for recommending or imposing sanctions may include anything the commissioner considers relevant, including:

(1) a sanction of the doctor by the commissioner for a violation of Chapter 413 or Chapter 415;

(2) a sanction by the Medicare or Medicaid program for:

(A) substandard medical care;

(B) overcharging;

(C) overutilization of medical services; or

(D) any other substantive noncompliance with requirements of those programs regarding professional practice or billing;

(3) evidence from the division's medical records that the applicable insurance carrier's utilization review practices or the doctor's charges, fees, diagnoses, treatments, evaluations, or impairment ratings are substantially different from those the commissioner finds to be fair and reasonable based on either a single determination or a pattern of practice;

(4) a suspension or other relevant practice restriction of the doctor's license by an appropriate licensing authority;

(5) professional failure to practice medicine or provide health care, including chiropractic care, in an acceptable manner consistent with the public health, safety, and welfare;

(6) findings of fact and conclusions of law made by a court, an administrative law judge of the State Office of Administrative Hearings, or a licensing or regulatory authority; or

(7) a criminal conviction.

(d) The commissioner by rule shall establish procedures under which a doctor may apply for:

(1) reinstatement to the list of approved doctors; or

(2) restoration of doctor practice privileges removed by the commissioner based on sanctions imposed under this section.

(e) The commissioner shall act on a recommendation by the medical advisor selected under Section 413.0511 and, after notice and the opportunity for a hearing, may impose sanctions under this section on a doctor or an insurance carrier or may recommend action regarding a utilization review agent. The commissioner and the commissioner of insurance shall enter into a memorandum of understanding to coordinate the regulation of insurance carriers and utilization review agents as necessary to ensure:

(1) compliance with applicable regulations; and

(2) that appropriate health care decisions are reached under this subtitle and under Chapter 4201, Insurance Code.

(f) The sanctions the commissioner may recommend or impose under this section include:

(1) reduction of allowable reimbursement;

(2) mandatory preauthorization of all or certain health care services;

(3) required peer review monitoring, reporting, and audit;

(4) deletion or suspension from the approved doctor list and the designated doctor list;

(5) restrictions on appointment under this chapter;

(6) conditions or restrictions on an insurance carrier regarding actions by insurance carriers under this subtitle in accordance with the memorandum of understanding adopted under Subsection (e); and

(7) mandatory participation in training classes or other courses as established or certified by the division.

(g) The commissioner shall adopt rules regarding doctors who perform peer review functions for insurance carriers. Those rules may include standards for peer review, imposition of sanctions on doctors performing peer review functions, including restriction, suspension, or removal of the doctor's ability to perform peer review on behalf of insurance carriers in the workers' compensation system, and other issues important to the quality of peer review, as determined by the commissioner. A doctor who performs peer review under this subtitle must hold the appropriate professional license issued by this state. A doctor, other than a chiropractor or a dentist, who performs peer review is subject to Section 408.0043. A dentist who performs a peer review of a dental service provided to an injured employee is subject to Section 408.0044. A chiropractor who performs a peer review of a chiropractic service provided to an injured employee is subject to Section 408.0045.

Added by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 1456, § 1.01, eff. June 17, 2001.

Amended by:

Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 265 (H.B. 7), § 3.084, eff. September 1, 2005.

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