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Claims Contractor Requirements

§ 114.10

Claims Contractor Requirements

(a) Claims administration must be performed by an adjuster licensed in Texas to handle workers' compensation claims.

(b) Each proposed contract to provide claims services to a certified self-insurer must be approved by the division prior to recommending approval of an application to self-insure or, if a certified self-insurer is changing from one claims contractor to another, prior to the effective date of the new contract.

(c) An applicant must ensure that a current signed claims administration contract remain on file with the division at all times.

(d) The claims contractor must promptly investigate each reportable injury and either pay benefits or controvert, as required by the Texas Workers' Compensation Act and division rules.

The provisions of this §114.10 adopted to be effective January 1, 1993, 17 TexReg 7896; amended to be effective May 9, 2004, 29 TexReg 4186; amended to be effective January 6, 2019, 44 TexReg 99.

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