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Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program for Employers

§ 137.44

Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program for Employers

(a) Disbursements of funds for the program are dependent on the availability of funds identified by the division.

(b) The disbursement that any single employer may receive from the program may not exceed $5,000 for all workplace modification expenditures made during the state appropriation year for all injured employees.

(c) Disbursements from the program to approved eligible employers shall be made on a reimbursement basis, or at the discretion of the commissioner or the commissioner's designee on an advancement basis, subject to verification of employer eligibility, receipts and expenditures, workplace modifications, the employee's return to work, approval of the employer's application, and any other requirements listed in §§ 137.45-137.50 of this title (relating to the Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program).

(d) Applications shall be processed in the order that completed applications are received by the division.

(e) Approved applications shall be funded from the program as funds become available.

(f) Applications may be denied in whole or in part due to the lack of available funds for the program or if the division determines that all or part of the application does not meet the requirements listed in §§ 137.45-137.50 of this title.

The provisions of this §137.44 adopted to be effective February 22, 2006, 31 TexReg 1037; amended to be effective April 25, 2010, 35 TexReg 3061.

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