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Optional Advance of Funds Plan

§ 137.50

Optional Advance of Funds Plan

(a) An eligible employer, as provided by § 137.45 of this title (relating to Employer Eligibility for Disbursements from the Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program), who participates in the return-to-work reimbursement program for employers may apply to the division for an advance of funds for allowable expenses from the program prior to making workplace modifications designed to accommodate an injured employee's return to work.

(b) To apply for an advance of funds for allowable expenses, an eligible employer must submit to the division a properly completed application as provided in § 137.47 of this title (relating to the Criteria for Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program Applications). The application may be obtained from the division as provided by § 137.46 of this title (relating to the Application for Funds from the Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program).

(c) Applications will be reviewed in accordance with § 137.48 of this title (relating to Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program Administrator Determinations).

(d) Upon receipt of a completed application and subject to § 137.44 of this title (relating to the Return-to-Work Reimbursement Program for Employers), the division may advance funds to the employer to make approved workplace modifications. The employer shall not make workplace modifications that materially differ from the employer's approved application unless the employer receives written approval from the division for the materially different modifications.

(e) Upon the receipt of the advanced funds from the division, the employer shall complete all approved workplace modifications set out in the approved application within six months of receiving funds from the division. For good cause, the division or the administrator may extend this six-month requirement. Any extension of time for completing workplace modifications must be granted by the division in writing and for a determinable period of time.

(f) Upon completion of the approved workplace modifications, the employer shall submit to the division all receipts for the payments made by the employer for the approved modifications. Any funds not spent after the six-month time frame must be immediately returned to the division.

(g) Release of funds are subject to § 137.45(c) of this title.

The provisions of this §137.50 adopted to be effective April 25, 2010, 35 TexReg 3061.

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