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Expenses to be Paid by Party Seeking Judicial Review

§ 148.21

Expenses to be Paid by Party Seeking Judicial Review

(a) Upon receiving a copy of a petition filed in district court which seeks judicial review of a final decision in a contested case decided under this chapter, the division shall prepare a certified copy of the entire record of the proceeding under review, including a transcript of the hearing audiotape, and transmit it to the reviewing court.

(b) The division shall assess to the party seeking judicial review, expenses incurred by the division in preparing this copy, including transcription costs, in accordance with the Government Code § 2001.177. Upon request, the division shall consider the financial ability of the party to pay the costs or any other factor that is relevant to a just and reasonable assessment of costs. If the party seeking judicial review is an injured employee, the division shall not charge for duplicating the record.

The provisions of this §148.21 adopted to be effective June 9, 2005, 30 TexReg 3237; amended to be effective July 27, 2014, 39 TexReg 5608.

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