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Formulation and Components of Accident Prevention Plan

§ 165.3

Formulation and Components of Accident Prevention Plan

(a) Policyholders who have not had an accident prevention plan developed in the last six months prior to notification will, within 30 days of the date of the safety consultant's initial report, develop an accident prevention plan. This plan will be consistent with established state safety and health codes and with accepted industry practices. The accident prevention plan shall be developed with the assistance of an Approved Professional Source as defined in § 164.9 of this title (relating to Approval of Professional Sources for Safety Consultations), and shall be in the format prescribed by the commission. The policyholder shall submit the completed accident prevention plan, developed and signed by the policyholder and the Approved Professional Source, to the division. The Approved Professional Source's signature on the accident prevention plan cover sheet certifies that the accident prevention plan meets the format prescribed by the commission. The format shall include the following components and specify the individual responsible for each, by position or title:

(1) a management component with a written safety policy statement and assignment of responsibilities and authority;

(2) analysis component which includes a review of safety program documentation, existing operations, and injury trends. The analysis will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing programs and to detect existing or potential trends. The analysis component will contain a statement as to the interval between the accomplishment of the analyses;

(3) a safety program recordkeeping system component;

(4) a safety and health education and training component with a statement as to the interval between training sessions;

(5) a safety audit/inspection component with a statement as to the interval between safety audits/inspections;

(6) an accident investigation component to identify the cause factors of injuries, and plan and record corrective actions; and

(7) a component to ensure review and revision of the safety program when changes in operations, equipment, or employee activities are determined or anticipated, to ensure continued effectiveness of the program requirements. This component also includes the periodic review and revisions of the safety program including a statement as to the interval (minimum of annually) between reviews.

(b) Policyholders who have had an accident prevention plan developed and implemented within the six months prior to notification as a Rejected Risk Employer and verified and approved by the Texas Mutual Insurance Company or the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission's Division of Workers' Health and Safety (the division) will continue implementation of the plan and obtain an inspection by the division as provided in § 165.6 of this title (relating to Follow-up Inspection by the Division).

(c) Reference material for the development of an accident prevention plan may be obtained from the division.

(d) An implementation time line, not to exceed three months after the formulation of the plan, shall be developed and included with the plan.

(e) If the policyholder disagrees with any or all of the plan, the policyholder shall sign the accident prevention plan cover sheet and attach a statement containing the specific reasons for disagreement to the plan and what alternative measures the policyholder proposes to meet the objectives of the program. The division will review the areas of disagreement and notify the policyholder and the safety consultant of the decision on each area of the disagreement.

(f) The policyholder's signature is understood to exclude those areas of the plan for which a disagreement has been attached to the plan, pending review by the division or a formal appeal.

(g) If the division finds it is practical to do so, the division may direct the policyholder to begin implementation of any or all parts of the plan that are not subject to the policyholder's disagreement. The time lines specified in the plan shall remain in effect for those parts of the plan the policyholder is directed to implement.

(h) The policyholder shall be responsible for filing the accident prevention plan that has been reviewed by the Approved Professional Source and signed as meeting the criteria in subsection (a) of this section with the division no later than 30 days after completion of the safety consultation and no later than 90 days after the policyholder received notification of identification as a Rejected Risk employer. Delays requested for good cause may be granted by the division.

The provisions of this § 165.3 adopted to be effective April 25, 1999, 24 TexReg 3092; amended to be effective September 12, 2004, 29 TexReg 8610.

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