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Follow-up Inspection of the Policyholder's Premises by the Division

§ 165.6

Follow-up Inspection of the Policyholder's Premises by the Division

(a) The Texas Workers' Compensation Commission's Division of Workers' Health and Safety (the division) shall conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure compliance with, and effectiveness of, the accident prevention plan developed in response to a safety consultation required by the Texas Insurance Code, Article 5.76-3, § 8(c). This inspection shall be conducted at the policyholder's premises. The inspection shall be conducted not earlier than 90 days or later than six months after the date the accident prevention plan is submitted to the division.

(b) The inspection shall be conducted and completed during normal work hours.

(c) The policyholder shall allow the division access to the policyholder's premises, including remote job sites, and employees during normal work hours to conduct the follow-up inspection. A policyholder who without good cause refuses to allow the division access to the policyholder's premises may be served with an order of the commission demanding such access. Failure to comply with the commission order will subject the policyholder to penalties and sanctions as provided in the Texas Insurance Code and the Texas Labor Code.

(d) The division may require the presence of the professional source consultant that conducted the hazard survey or assisted with the accident prevention plan development during the follow-up inspection. If the professional source is required during the inspection, the division will coordinate that requirement with the policyholder and the professional source, at the policyholder's expense.

(e) At the time of the inspection, the division may consider as evidence of compliance information which includes, but is not limited to, visual verification, written policies and procedures, attendance rosters for training programs, employee interviews, and purchase orders or receipts for equipment or services necessary to support the accident prevention plan.

The provisions of this § 165.6 adopted to be effective April 25, 1999, 24 TexReg 3092; amended to be effective June 5, 2003, 28 TexReg 4294.

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