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Proposals for Decision

§ 180.9

Proposals for Decision

(a) If a hearing was conducted in conjunction with Labor Code §§ 407.046, 408.023, 415.0215, or 415.034, or in another case under the Act that is not subject to Labor Code § 402.073(b), the commissioner shall review the proposed decision of the administrative law judge. If the commissioner modifies, amends, or changes a recommended finding of fact or conclusion of law, or order of the administrative law judge, the commissioner's final order shall state the legal basis and the specific reasons for the change.

(b) The division shall notify the person by issuing an order that describes the effects of the sanction. This order shall be delivered by verifiable means with a copy to the appropriate licensing or certification authority.

(c) Failure to comply with the sanction may result in additional administrative violations.

The provisions of this §180.9 adopted to be effective February 14, 2012, 37 TexReg 691.

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