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Name Change

§ 41.1

Name Change

Pursuant to Senate Bill 1 (71st Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1989), the following revisions are effective April 1, 1990.

(1) The state agency known since 1913 as the Industrial Accident Board is renamed the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission. Wherever the term “Industrial Accident Board,” “Board,” or “board,” meaning the agency, appears in these rules, it shall mean “Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission.”

(2) The executive director of the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission exercises all authority necessary to administer Texas Civil Statutes, Articles 8306-8309-1. Wherever the terms “Industrial Accident Board” or “Board,” meaning one or more members of Industrial Accident Board, appears in these rules, the terms shall mean the executive director or delegatee.

The provisions of this § 41.1 adopted to be effective August 29, 1990, 15 TexReg 4701.

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