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Contents of Rule-making Petitions

§ 41.8

Contents of Rule-making Petitions

(a) Changes to these rules may be petitioned by any party. Rule-making petitions shall contain the following:

(1) a brief statement summarizing the proposed section;

(2) the text of the proposed section:

(A) if an existing section, state the title and code number, and prepare the text to indicate the words and punctuation to be added, changed, or deleted;

(B) if a new section, prepare the text in the exact form proposed for adoption;

(3) a statement of the statutory source of the section;

(4) a suggested effective date;

(5) a cost-benefit analysis, estimating the public benefits to be expected as a result of adoption of the proposed section, and the probable economic cost to persons who are required to comply with the section. This provision is optional;

(6) any other matter required by law;

(7) the petitioner's name, complete mailing address, and telephone number; and

(8) the petitioner's signature.

(b) Five copies of the petition shall be filed with the board by certified mail.

(c) Within 60 days after the petition is submitted, the board shall either initiate rule-making procedures, or notify the petitioner in writing, stating the reasons for denial.

The provisions of this § 41.8 adopted to be effective November 6, 1986, 11 TexReg 4429.

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