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Miscellaneous Covered Services

§ 42.175

Miscellaneous Covered Services

(a) Medical reports.

(1) The carrier shall pay the fair and reasonable charges of the provider for the preparation and submission of all required medical reports, records, and information. There shall be no additional charge made to the patient or the patient's representative for copies of these documents except clinical reports (hospital) when a separate request is made. There shall be no additional charge made to the board for copies of any of these documents.

(2) The following shall serve as guidelines for fair and reasonable charges for required reports and records under this chapter:​

Form reports (preparation) $15.00
Narrative reports (preparation)
- one to two pages $50.00
- subsequent pages$20.00 per page
Copies of reports $.50 per page
Hospital recordsnot to exceed $15.00 per record (1-20 pages), and $.30 per page for records in excess of 20 pages. Not to exceed $.50 per page in case of microfilm.

(b) Travel expenses. Whenever it becomes reasonably necessary for an injured worker to travel outside the city or county of residence in order to obtain medical care covered under the Act, the reasonable costs thereof shall be reimbursed by the carrier. This would include, where appropriate, the reasonable costs of meals and lodging. All travel by private conveyance shall be based upon the mileage expense allowance then current for travel by state employees.

The provisions of this § 42.175 adopted to be effective October 20, 1988, 13 TexReg 4994.

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