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§ 45.30


If the employer fails to timely submit any information to the board which the board is entitled to request under the authority of the Workers' Compensation Act, the board shall notify the employer by certified mail with a copy sent to the employer's insurance carrier to either file the requested information or request a hearing by the board within 10 days of notice. If the employer timely requests a hearing, the matter will be heard by the board in Austin within 10 days of the request. If the employer does not timely request a hearing and does not timely provide the requested information, the board may impose a penalty authorized by Texas Civil Statutes, Article 8307, § 7. The employer will be promptly notified of any imposition of penalty by the board. The board may consider a request for extension of time to provide the requested information if the employer makes the request in writing and shows good cause therefore within 10 days of the receipt of notice from the board.

The provisions of this § 45.30 adopted to be effective November 11, 1983, 8 TexReg 4493.

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