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Delay or Postponement of Hearing

§ 49.25

Delay or Postponement of Hearing

On the date of hearing, the board will review the case in accordance with the provisions of Article 8309a of the Act, the Industrial Accident Board may delay or postpone the hearing of the claim provided that within its discretion the board deems it to be the best interest of the injured employee that the case not be heard at that time; and such hearing may be delayed or postponed until the carrier discontinues payment of compensation or the furnishing of hospitalization, chiropractic service or medical treatment or until the board deems it to the best interest of such employee for an award to be rendered (1968) (Rev. 1977).

The provisions of this § 49.25 adopted to be effective November 20, 1977, 2 TexReg 4317.

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