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Division Records

§ 402.081

Division Records

(a) The commissioner is the custodian of the division's records and shall perform the duties of a custodian required by law, including providing copies and the certification of records.

(b) The division shall comply with records retention schedules as provided by Chapter 441.185, Government Code.

(c) A record maintained by the division may be preserved in any format permitted by Chapter 441, Government Code, and rules adopted by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission under that chapter.

(d) The division may charge a reasonable fee for making available for inspection any of its information that contains confidential information that must be redacted before the information is made available. However, when a request for information is for the inspection of 10 or fewer pages, and a copy of the information is not requested, the division may charge only the cost of making a copy of the page from which confidential information must be redacted. The fee for access to information under Chapter 552, Government Code, shall be in accord with the rules of the attorney general that prescribe the method for computing the charge for copies under that chapter.

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Amended by:

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