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Weekend Repost: McGriff hires former Lockton exec to lead new private equity group #McGriff #Lockton #EverestRe #riskmanagement

Weekend Repost: Woman in Central Park confrontation loses case against former employer #riskmanagement #employmentpractices #CentralPark

#FirstResponderFriday 🚨 An employer that employs #firstresponders or that supervises volunteer first responders must post a first responder notice. Visit… for info about the notice, liaison, and more!

#OIECTexas #WorkersComp #Texas

#FAQFriday ❓ "Did my parent’s work-related injury have to have happened recently to be eligible to apply for the scholarship?"

➡️ No, there is no time limit on when the injury happened if it meets the eligibility requirements.

#KidsChance #Scholarships

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